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What People Say

Commendations about Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics have been given ranging from the Legal Adviser to the Spanish Parliament; leading US universities; the State Government of Queensland; the US Federal Government, and others

Extracts are given below:

From an email dated 22 December 2021 from the CEO of Spanish organisation, "Corporate Excellence", Sr Angel Alloza:

"The world needs more than ever the work you do at the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics."

In an email from the CEO & Director of the Indian Institute of Directors (IOD), New Delhi, Mr Manoj K Raut, dated 27 January 2017:

"The Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics has been doing a great work over these years. IOD is delighted to receive your comments on our Handbook on the topic 'Business Ethics'. They have truly put an insight to our understanding on the topic."

In an email dated 2 November 2016 from Mr Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Senior Fellow, University of Ottawa, Canada, and former Chief Electoral Officer of Elections, Canada 1990-2007:

"You have truly established a centre of excellence and if I can ever be of assistance in America...please let me know."

From an email from Professor Emeritus, Ronald D. Francis, College of Law and Justice, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, dated 2 June 2015:

"It was a privilege to be able to attend the working breakfast at The Athenaeum, Melbourne, where you gave your lecture, and to catch up again. Thank you for your book of the Gourlay Lectures. It is very much appreciated."

From an email from Dr Joshua Kirshner, Durham University, UK dated 27 June 2013:

"Thank you again for inviting me to attend the ESRC/CBPSE event on Brazil. I really enjoyed it, and I loved having the chance to see a bit of Cambridge University and the town. I hope to return at some point, as I found it a fascinating place with all its layers of history".

From an email from Mr Herman Santiago, Global Executive Client Relations at Nabas Legal International Lawyers, London dated 26 June 2013:

"We were very delighted to be invited and give our business view of the challenges in Brazil. We shall discuss your papers internally to ensure clients are made aware of them".

From an email from Professor Philip Shapira, Manchester Business School, (University of Manchester, UK) dated 19 June 2013:

"...just to say thanks for inviting me to the recent ESRC/Russia seminar. It was very interesting. I learned a lot, and made some good new contacts. Many thanks".

From an e-mail dated 5 December 2011 to Dr Rosamund Thomas, the Centre's Director, from Khaled Kassar, Founder and CEO of CSR Lebanon:-

"I would like to thank you very much for the time, effort and valuable information [you] provided at the CSR Lebanon Forum last Thursday the 1st December 2011.
Your presentation and participation were very inspiring to everyone who attended the Forum... Allow me to say as well that your company was very enjoyable..."

From an e-mail dated 21 September 2011 to Dr Rosamund Thomas, the Centre's Director, from Miquel Calsina, Manager of the Jordi Pujol Centre (CEJP), Barcelona, Spain:-

"Mr Jordi Pujol and the CEJP were delighted with your presentation on the Roundtable... the attendants enjoyed your speech. It will be a pleasure for us to contact you again...".

From an e-mail dated 19 September 2011 to the Centre's Director from Sharron Xu of the European Institute For Asian Studies, Brussels, Belgium:-

"Thank you again for the fascinating presentation during the event on the 6 September".

From an e-mail dated 15 September 2011 to the Centre's Director from Sarah Wilkinson, Financial Director at Field FisherWaterhouse, LLP:-

"I wanted to write to thank you for a fascinating and insightful talk yesterday evening".

From an e-mail dated 7 September 2011 to the Centre's Director, from Aidan Vaughan, Chairman of the Association of Christian Financial Advisers (ACFA):-

"On behalf of the ACFA I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk. I have bought the book...". ["Business Ethics ISBN 1978-1-871891-04 -1]

From an e-mail dated 17 November 2008 to Dr Rosamund Thomas, from Dr Estrella Bernal Cuenca, Management Department, University of Zaragoza, Spain:-

"... I am working on the business ethics issue and found your presentation [at the Round Table, Seville, Spain, 13-14 November 2008] really interesting. Therefore it would be nice to have a piece of your work, I am sure I can find some inspiration".

From an e-mail dated 23 September 2008 to the Centre's Director from Dr Pablo Collazzo-Yelpo, Director of Academic Alfairs, European Academy of Business in Society, Brussels, Belgium:-

"I didn't want to delay... My gratitude for your valuable contribution to the PhD Conference at Ashridge. I look forward to new opportunities for collaboration".

From a letter dated 18 September 2008 to the Centre's Director, Dr Rosamund Thomas, from the Executive Director of Communications and Head Repsol YPF Chairman's Office at Madrid, Spain:-

"It is my pleasure to send you Repsol YPF's Corporate Responsibility Report 2007... I would like especially to thank and highlight your participation in this report. Your independant opinion about the most relevant issues for the oil and gas sector contributes greatly to increase the added value for the stakeholders".

From a letter to Dr Rosamund Thomas dated 13th April 2007 from Richard Howitt, MEP (East of England Region) :-

"I have attended, and spoken at, a seminar which Dr. Rosamund Thomas organised on the subject of "Corporate Social Responsibility" held at Robinson College, Cambridge University, and I know she has many years experience organising seminars for European and International participants".

From an email dated 14th November 2006 to the Centre's Director, Dr Rosamund Thomas, from Jocelyn Mei, Organiser of the Session for delegates to London from the China National Petroleum Corporation :-

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation and introduction today! I am pleased to tell you that our delegates have a very positive feedback and mentioned that the information you shared is really useful. We really enjoy[ed] the time with you ".

From an email dated 7th August 2006 to Dr Rosamund Thomas from Javed Badshah, Islamia College, University of Peshawar, Pakistan :-

"You have ever been kind and encouraging for establishing academic links between your Centre and our institution. ".

From a letter to Dr Rosamund Thomas from Air Commodore P.W. Gray of the Defence Academy, UK, dated 18th January 2006:-

"Your session was delivered with passion and an excellent knowledge of the subject ".

From a letter to the Centre's Director, Dr Rosamund Thomas, from Canon Malcolm Grundy, Director, Foundation for Church Leadership, York:-

..."thank you, once again, for your lecture and the sensitive and informed way in which you answered questions ".

From a letter dated 27th May 2005 to Rosamund Thomas from S. Prakash Sethi, University Distinguished Professor, President, International Center for Corporate Accountability, Inc:-

"It was a pleasure meeting you in Madrid during the 9th International Conference of the Reputation Institute. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and found your remarks to be insightful and thought provoking".

From an email dated 26th May 2005 to Rosamund Thomas from BBVA Bank, Spain:-

"Dear Rosamund, Thank you very much again for your invaluable participation at the Reputation Conference".

From an email dated 25th May 2005 to Rosamund Thomas from Jayn Harding, CSR Manager at FTSE4Good:-

"Marianne Huvé-Allard, FTSE Group Strategy and Communication Director has come back from the conference (9th International Conference of the Reputation Institute) now and was very complimentary about your presentation, said it was very good".

From a letter to the Centre's Director, Dr Rosamund Thomas, dated 9th December 2004:-

"On behalf of the International Bar Association (IBA) I would like to thank you for finding the time in your busy schedule to participate in the IBA annual conference in Auckland. We were delighted with the success of the session and greatly appreciate your contribution ".

From a letter from the Government of The People's Republic of China dated 17 February 2004:-

"Combating corruption is the main task facing all countries, and the education and training of government officials...requires all our attention and efforts. So your DVD is really timely and necessary".

From an email dated 30 May 2003 to Rosamund Thomas from Ruslan Stefanov, Co-Ordinator, Economic Program, Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD), Bulgaria:-

"I would like to thank you for the insightful and interesting overview and guidance you gave to the Bulgarian group on fraud and anti-corruption in Britain during the seminar organised by the British Association for Central and Eastern Europe.
I visited the web-site of your Centre and was impressed by the quality and scope of work you perform"...

From a letter to Rosamund Thomas dated 7 February 2003 from Sir John Birch, Director, The British Association for Central and Eastern Europe:-

"It was very good of you to come and talk to our Romanians about corruption...You got them off to an excellent start."...

From a letter dated July 8, 2002 from the People's Republic of China, Beijing:-

"I am writing to extend many thanks to you and your colleagues for your warm reception we received on the day of 17th June (2002) at Cambridge. It was a really fruitful Seminar where we learned so much more about your research achievements, operations of the local government and anti-corruption legislation of British government...I feel very satisfied that we have conducted very effective exchanges in the past months, and I hope that such co-operation will be intensified in the future"...

From a letter dated 1 June 2002 to Rosamund Thomas from IIR Conferences:-

"I'm just writing to thank you for your excellent contribution to the success of the...conference. I know it takes a great deal of work to prepare for these events, so I do appreciate you giving your time so generously. The feedback from the delegates was extremely positive...Your contribution was clearly very well received, so thank you very much for your participation".

From a letter dated 18 May 2001 to the Centre's Director Rosamund Thomas from Sir John Bourn, KCB, Comptroller and Auditor General of the National Audit Office, London:-

"I was very interested to read your article on 'Public Trust, Integrity and Privatisation'...I thought it was a very good article...your choice of examples - both from the UK experience and overseas - was excellent; clearly illustrating, and bringing out in sharp relief, the central points of your paper."

From a letter dated 3rd October 2000 from the then Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, Mr Jean-Pierre Kingsley:-

"The Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics is recognised and respected internationally for its well proven research method and for its work in the fields of business, government and environmental ethics. As such, I am pleased to accept this invitation to become an associate of your renown centre.

From letters from the University of Cambridge 14th July 1999 and 5th October 1999 respectively:-

"A note to thank you for your valuable contribution...The group found your session both stimulating and enjoyable and we look forward to meeting you again before too long."
"Thank you very much for...explaining the impressive work of your Centre...the importance and relevance of your work is certainly recognised."

From a Ietter dated 3 February 1998 from the British Council:-

"Many thanks for your contribution [at a Seminar] which was greatly appreciated by our participants...I hope very much that we can work with you again in the future".

From a letter from the Executive Director of the International Bar Association dated 27 June 1997:-

"It was a pleasure to meet with you on Wednesday 25th June and to hear of the impressive work carried out by the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics in Cambridge..."

From a letter from the Ethics Counsellor to Ministers in the Canadian Federal Government dated May 26 1997:-

"You have, over the past number of years, made a number of important contributions in the area of public sector ethics. This has been through your publications but also in the very effective role you have played as a catalyst in organizing events and generally promoting discussion and exchange between practitioners around the world....."

From a letter from the People's Republic of China dated March 3 1997:-

"I cherish my respect and appreciation for you ....your research work and the contributions your Centre is making to the World Community..."

From a letter from Harvard University dated April 10, 1997 to Dr Rosamund Thomas:-

"I am impressed with what you have accomplished at the Center and indeed what you have done yourself'..."

From a letter from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania dated April 4 1997:-

"You are to be congratulated on having developed an expansive and successful Center in the UK which emphasizes business, environmental and government ethics. The Centre has achieved extensive visibility and has developed important connections".

These commendations and many more such letters and emails from around the world are held by our Centre

Extracts from press reports about the Centre

Responsabilidad y reputación de las compañíes
'Las empresas tardan años en construir un prestigio, pero pueden perderlo en sólo un día.'

Rosamund Thomas es directora del Centro para la Ética Empresarial y del Sector Público

CincoDias 6 de Octubre de 2000

Importance of ethics stressed
'"Emphasis should be laid on evolving ethics not only in public life but also in universities and within the public services to promote sound government and business practices." This was stated by Dr Rosamund Thomas, Director of Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics Cambridge while delivering her key-note address at the Indo-British Seminar on "Ethics in Public Life" at the ICSSR Complex here today.

The Seminar was jointly organised by the Department of Public Administration and the British High Commission, New Delhi…'

Chandigarh Newsline November 12, 1997

Opinion divided on replacing anti-eco technology industry
'"Thirteen years after the Bhopal disaster, the protracted proceedings which followed the accident have thrown open vital technological and legal issues. Experts are divided on whether the high risk anti-ecological technology industry should be replaced by more human eco-conformable technology."

Stating this here today, Dr Rosamund Thomas, Director of the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics, Cambridge, said that important lessons needed to be drawn from the accident. Earlier, she had presented a paper on "Lessons from the Bhopal Case and other industrial accidents" at the International Bar Association Conference, New Delhi'.

Chandigarh Newsline November 11, 1997

Need to develop basic ethics stressed
'Each country has to formulate its own fundamental ethical principles to create the kind of society, government and business it requires. However, it is possible to learn from international developments…These views were expressed by Dr Rosamund Thomas, Director of the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics, Cambridge while talking to media persons here today'.

The Tribune (India) November 11, 1997

Chinese tap into Seminar on ethics in civil service
'Officials from the People's Republic of China paid a visit to the city - to tap into local government expertise.

A team of officials from the country attended a Seminar hosted by the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics, which has a worldwide reputation for its work on codes of practice and legislation covering how senior civil servants behave…'

Cambridge Evening News November 29, 1996

Facing conflicts of interest
'Balance is the key to ethical practice, says Rosamund Thomas - and Beijing is listening. Kevin Kwong meets the British expert'.

Hong Kong Sunday Morning Post February 11, 1996

Stalking the City jungle in search of elusive ethics
'The convictions of Ernest Saunders, Gerald Ronson, Anthony Parnes and Sir Jack Lyons, who is yet to be sentenced, caused some commentators to suggest that determining what is ethical behaviour is hard to pin down in the midst of a fast-moving, expensive and competitive takeover…

"The Guinness convictions could not be called a triumph for ethics, only the legal system", Dr Thomas [Director of the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics, Cambridge] said. "The case, however, gives an opportunity for disparate ethical practice in the country to consolidate. New legislation…needs to be supported by ethical practices because laws are coercive and not designed to change motivation."'

The Times September 5, 1990

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