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  Rosamund Thomas - Curriculum Vitae - Short Version

ROSAMUND THOMAS, Ph.D., M.Soc. Sc., MA (Cantab), Dip. Soc. Admin.

Dr Rosamund Thomas, Director, Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics, Cambridge, is an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, and Business Management, as well as Government Ethics. She has read these subjects at the University of Birmingham (UK); Harvard University to doctoral and postdoctoral levels (USA); has taught and examined in these subjects at the London School of Economics and Political Science (1978-83), before undertaking further research in Cambridge University as a Senior Research Fellow.

Dr Thomas has separate higher degree qualifications in Social Administration and Social Policy and Development Administration and Policy in respect of Third World countries.

She is also an expert in Law having been a Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Law of the University of Cambridge (1983-1987), and a Member (1987-1991). Dr Thomas has published books and articles covering all these fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Development Administration, Sustainable Development and Social Policy and Administration. She has given written and oral evidence and Conference assignments to distinguished bodies, including: -

  • The UK Nolan Committee;
  • The UK Law Commission;
  • The UK House of Lords and House of Commons;
  • The Cadbury Committee on Corporate Governance;
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales;
  • The London Society of Chartered Accountants;
  • The European Commission;
  • The European Federation of Management Consulting Associations;
  • The US President’s Ethics Law Reform Commission;
  • The International Bar Association.

Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics, UK, was founded in 1988 as a Centre of Expertise under Dr Thomas’ Directorship. The Centre has 25 Associates from Business enterprises, academia, the professions, and Government and has involved the UK, the European Commission and European countries, as well as international leaders, in its work.

The Centre’s expertise, and that of Dr Thomas, its Director, is relevant, well-researched, and of high quality, ready to meet the needs of both practising business enterprises, and educational institutions on a global basis who wish to address Corporate Social Responsibility and related issues.

Dr Rosamund Thomas has practised in the Bank of England, British manufacturing industry and in Government. She is able to co-ordinate critical issues in practice with ‘best ideas’ and to act as a Consultant to nations and others seeking leadership, direction and expertise in these fields. She has devised educational and training curricula, and can provide tailor-made courses to a country’s requirements. Dr Thomas has written and edited books to serve as a basis for education, training and policy advice/implementation. Her contribution to the betterment of contemporary society is acknowledged in ‘Who’s Who in the World’, Marquis Publication, 2004 - 2021 editions.

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